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At the beginning stands the inventiveness where a problem became an idea.


From this drive and motivation came the results from all of our work. The innovations and products from KECKEX are necessary inventions for us all, as they support the sustainable change with its operational and totally safe procedure. This has significant, positive benefits across the municipal, agricultural and private sectors. This combined with our

This combined with our modular system, means we are able to customise each unit to perfectly suit individual needs.


Our hot steam generator heats water until it hits a temperature of up to 130 °C. The mix of hot steam and water is piped through a special heat-resistant hose towards individually selected equipment. When exiting the nozzle, the surface and surrounding atmosphere heats up to 100 °C. This process triggers a protein shock within the plant´s and thus destroys the plants cell wall and also reaches its roots in deeper soil with constant high temperature. Subsequently, the plant can not absorb water anymore and as a result withers. Depending on the specific kind of vegetation and various environmental influences several repetitions of the operations may be necessary.

We are also able to develop individual solutions within our inhouse specialist technicians.