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Weed Removal
High-pressure Washing
Watering Plants


With the versatile KECKEX weeders you can remove weeds gently and reliably from joints and other hard-to-reach areas.

The thermal, natural weed control without chemicals with KECKEX weed killers offers also in the municipal area an optimal solution for the careful weed removal, as well as a gentle cleaning of open spaces.

The modules from KECKEX are user friendly
and simultaneously fulfills versatile tasks.


The KECKEX-Method is the most sustainable and natural method in the space of weed control. The mix of hot steam and water is piped through a special heat-resistant hose towards individually selected equipment

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The KECKEX-System is the only machinery on the market which enables you to , and fulfills its utility as a high-pressure washer in one.


Our products are available in modules, which enable an individual set-up combination. Our machinery is compatible with all municipal vehicles from different providers.

We are also able to develop individual solutions within our inhouse specialist technicians.


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KECKEX versatility

Chemical-free weed removal and its application possibilities

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KECKEX method

Our method is the most efficient way to eliminate weeds naturally

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Self-propelled and versatile. Self-sufficient in the application


in agriculture

Commitment in the Agriculture- and Winery sector. We like to develop ideas according to your wishes.


We are constantly developing the KECKEX devices. Our drive is our ingenuity.